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Jul 18 2018 


YouChat is a mobile messaging app developed by MobileSoft, Inc based in Minneapolis, MN USA. You install the YouChat App on your mobile phone.

YouChat allows you to send Text messages and Hold-To-Talk Voice messages over the internet to any other YouChat users. 

You can also share Photos and Videos. 

There is a large selection of Stickers, and new Stickers are being added all the time. 

You can set up Groups and communicate with many different users at the same time. 

New features are being added monthly.

YouChat reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones-for free.

What's new :

YouChat now has a new Game - Step Club. Step Club will count your steps and motivate you to stay active. It's the coolest and healthier game that you can join with this YouChat update. Keep moving during your busy, or lazy day and compete with your friends for the Step Club champion's prize. Be active and stay healthy!