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Health & Fitness

by AppMart

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Feb 20 2018 


aHealth App.  Your personal digital health assistant right on your smartphone!  

@Health is tools in one!   It’s a personal mobile application and Smartwatch that manages your Health and Fitness around the clock to support a healthier lifestyle.  

@Health is packed with the following Features/Functions/Monitoring Tools*:

•    Heartrate
•    Blood Pressure
•    Pulse
•    Temperature
•    Steps/Sports
•    Calories
•    Sleep
•    Alarms
•    Alerts
•    Pill/Medication Reminders
•    ECG Chart
•    Push button Emergency contact
•    Share medical with family members
•    Goals
•    eSim – Does not need to connect to the smartphone

*Some of the features require the use of the @Watch.  

What are you waiting for? Get started on the right track to a healthier lifestyle with the @Health mobile app today!

The @Watch will also contain external sensors that will connect to the Smartphone App
1.    Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
2.    Air Quality
3.    UV status
4.    Glucose (Blood Sugar)
5.    Water

What's new :

1. Sedentary - Periodic get up and walk alert
2. Messaging - Display up to 4 lines of messaging from your smartphones on the watch
3. Calendar - Sync with smartphone
4. Sleep - Manual sleep mode setting
5. FOTA - Update firmware display